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By the late first century B. There is no evidence that Augustus could read Hebrew. An issue with the youthful portrait of Agrippa II no. New finds show that 4 different bronze denominations were struck for each of the five years in which Herod Antipas issued coins at Tiberias p. The sections dealing with the Jewish War and the Bar Kokhba War are especially detailed in their discussion of the iconography of the various Temple utensils and religious symbols particularly those related to Sukkot that appear on the coins.

The use of rabbinical sources, which may not be easily available to many numismatists, is particularly helpful in elucidating the types. In some cases these sources also assist in the identification of important figures, such as Eleazar the Priest, who is named on the coins issued in the first year of the Bar Kokhba War p. Special attention is paid to coin finds and hoards from the two wars in an attempt to understand the historical events. A list of major silver hoards from the Jewish War are included on p.

The Bar Kokhba find spots show that although the aim of the Jewish rebels was to reclaim Jerusalem, the Holy City remained out of their reach. TJC is a worthy successor to AJC, bringing together in one place the sum of our current knowledge concerning Jewish numismatics.

Through great love and concern for his subject, Y. Meshorer has amassed a great store of wealth in this Treasury.


The present reviewer, no doubt along with many others, is grateful that he takes such obvious delight in sharing his treasure with all of those who care to read his text and enjoy the images in the plates. A Treasury of Jewish Coins. Grasmann, G.

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The Bar Kokhba War AD – The last Jewish revolt against Imperial Rome by Lindsay Powell

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