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Nicocles or the Cyprians. To Philip. De Constantia. De Ira. Epictetus -- Discourses II: Books The Encheiridion Free download from: Archive. On Having Many Friends. Virtue and Vice. Letter of Condolence to Apollonius. Advice About Keeping Well. Advice to Bride and Groom. The Dinner of the Seven Wise Men. Theophrastus -- Theophrastus, Characters.

Herodas, Mimes. Philo -- Volume I: On the Creation. The Sacrifices of Abel and Cain. The Worse Attacks the Better. On the Posterity and Exile of Cain. Against the Sophists. Remedies for Love. Sea Fishing. Demosthenes -- Volume I: Olynthiacs Philippic 1. On the Peace. Philippic 2. On Halonnesus. On the Chersonese. Philippics 3 and 4. Answer to Philip's Letter. Philip's Letter.

On Organization. On the Navyboards. Pro Roscio Amerino. Pro Roscio Comoedo. Sayings of Romans. Sayings of Spartans. The Ancient Customs of the Spartans. Sayings of Spartan Women.

On Husbandry. Concerning Noah's Work As a Planter. On Drunkenness. Bede -- Ecclesiastical History, Books Lives of the Abbots. Tertullian -- Apology and De Spectaculis. In Pisonem. Pro Scauro. Pro Fonteio. Pro Rabirio Postumo.

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Pro Marcello. Pro Ligario. De Vita Beata.

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De Otio. De Tranquillitate Animi. De Brevitate Vitae.

Books 41-45

De Consolatione ad Polybium. Philostratus the Elder -- Philostratus the Elder, Imagines. Philostratus the Younger, Imagines. On the Migration of Abraham.

Who Is the Heir of Divine Things? The Two Gallieni.

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The Thirty Pretenders. The Deified Claudius. The Deified Aurelian.


Firmus, Saturninus, Proculus and Bonosus. Carus, Carinus and Numerian. Arrian -- Anabasis of Alexander, Books Basil -- Volume IV: Letters On the Change of Names. Elegies on Maecenas. Calpurnius Siculus. Laus Pisonis. Einsiedeln Eclogues. Eudemian Ethics. Parva Naturalia. On Joseph.

Series: Cassius Dio: Roman History

Sidonius -- Volume I: Poems. Against Androtion. Against Aristocrates. Against Timocrates. The Runaways. Toxaris or Friendship. The Dance. The Eunuch. The Mistaken Critic. The Parliament of the Gods. The Tyrannicide. Greek Questions. Greek and Roman Parallel Stories. On the Fortune of the Romans.

On the Fortune or the Virtue of Alexander. Plutarch -- Moralia V: Isis and Osiris. The E at Delphi. Plutarch -- Moralia X: Love Stories. To an Uneducated Ruler. Precepts of Statecraft. Movement of Animals. Cicero -- Volume X: In Catilinam Pro Murena.

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Pro Sulla. Aristotle -- Volume I: Categories. On Interpretation.