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Continue Reading. CopyrightX, the new, experimental, Web-based Harvard Law School course which prioritizes the human dimension of online teaching, is the brainchild of Professor Terry Fisher, who is committed to what he calls the democratization of higher education. As Americans travel to other countries for medical care, Professor Glenn Cohen looks at the implications at home and abroad.

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The title of this memoir is literal—and relates to Harvard Law School. While on morphine, recovering from an operation meant to restore his ability to walk after an accident, the author imagined he would graduate from the school.

And walk across the country. His doctor thought he was delirious. After all, Brown had few prospects and only a ninth-grade education. But the dream did indeed come true; he tells the story of his long walk both literal and metaphorical.

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Humans are causing the earth to warm, and humans will sustain the consequences, contends Guzman, a professor of law and associate dean at University of California, Berkeley. These consequences include rising water levels that will displace millions of people, interfere with food production and disrupt the availability of fresh water. Climate change may also exacerbate tensions within and between nations. He outlines what should be done to mitigate the effects, including raising the price of emissions, developing alternative energy and instituting a carbon tax. Otherwise, he warns, we could face human tragedy never before seen.

Marked by short-term thinking and a fixation on national rankings, both law schools and large firms focus on maximizing immediate profits, thereby victimizing the very people who enter the legal profession, according to Harper, a former large-firm litigator now teaching at Northwestern University School of Law. The result: too many lawyers for the market and too little job satisfaction for those who are working in it. He calls for greater transparency, restructured financial incentives and a change in a culture that too often, he says, is driven by greed.

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New York: Basic Books, Rohr, John A. ISBN: Email: khult [at] vt. These diagnoses of U. What Orentlicher, an Indiana University law professor, medical doctor, and former state representative, prescribes, however, may be more problematic: a constitutional shift to a two or more person presidency held by individuals of different parties with formally equal authority. For Orentlicher, the impetus for proposing such dramatic institutional reform is growing presidential power amidst increasing partisan polarization, neither of which the Framers expected or desired. Nonetheless, it is difficult to dispute that over the course of U.

Concerns about abuse of power and presidential overreach have accompanied such expansion. The rise of the presidency threatens to marginalize those who voted for other presidential candidates, generating issues of representativeness and accountability.

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Especially as partisan conflict has grown sharper and more divisive over the last several decades, Orentlicher worries that numerical minorities and members of the non-presidential party no longer have incentives to remain constructively involved in governing or policy deliberation. Orentlicher contends that a promising solution to these problems would be to elect two individuals as co-presidents, each representing a different party.

Would Two Presidents be Better than One?

Orentlicher maintains that the presidents would readily learn to work together, driven by incentives for reelection in the longer run, he hopes, without term limits and for leaving a legacy of accomplishment. At the same time, the change would broaden the representation of voters and parties, while also permitting the emergence and success of additional parties. Two Presidents are Better than One is provocative and systematically argued. Firmly anchored in evidence and analyses drawn primarily from scholars of rational choice institutionalism in law and to a lesser extent political science, the work makes a strong case for change based on the existence of serious maladies in the U.

In many ways the volume resembles a legal brief, laying out the primary arguments for change while anticipating and rebutting counterarguments. The volume effectively highlights many of the problems of 21st century governance in the United States. Even so, the book might have paid somewhat more attention to the constraints on deliberation and decision-making posed by external influences like a fragmenting and increasingly combative news media and the accelerating role of money in elections and in policymaking.

Two or more presidents likely would not fully escape the impact of such factors. His primary concern seems to be that independent regulatory boards and commissions like the Federal Reserve and the Securities and Exchange Commission are increasingly and inappropriately subject to presidential control. Nonetheless, the more than two million career officials and several thousand political appointees both constrain presidential policy pursuits and offer useful expertise and counsel.

Other scholars, however, have highlighted the importance of cabinet councils e.

In the process, such researchers warn that presidents frequently are closed off from the input of career officials, especially substantive experts.